Sunday, 31 January 2016

Kathryn Orton

31 January - 20 March      Another Street and other places

Kathryn Orton. Another Street, 2016. Drawings with models. Dimensions variable.
Other Places, 2016. Framed drawings.



Kathryn Orton’s engaging street scene neatly fills the space of SLOT. A Street beside a street inviting our gaze down and into the gently rendered spaces of another place. 
It is part documentation part memory and part invention. Kathryn explains that she has reconstructed the main street of a small country town with buildings remembered from her various visits to Europe. 
An unlikely combination gently approaching the surrealism of building European styled towns in the Australian bush.  This unlikely combination is Kathryn’s subject – the spaces we dwell in. She observes literally as a landscape artist while metaphorically fashioning corners that trap our gaze with seemingly poignant detail.

Kathryn Orton. Another Street, 2016.