Thursday, 31 March 2016

Jessica Watson

21 March - September 17      Pulling it together

Pulling it together, 2016. Dyed linen yarn and fabric, variable dimensions

Jessica Watson’s installation, Pulling it together at DIP, the Darlington Installation project at the corner of Abercrombie St and Golden Grove in Darlington, is a meditation on the form of a paint brush as a visceral body.

As the brush is the instrument of expression after soaking and holding the coloured paint or ink, so is the body as an instrument of consciousness, absorbing experiences and expressing its being through its relations to the world.

The brush is held in stasis. Suspended on out-stretched yarns, drawn by gravity to a single point where it waits. “Pulling it together”, anticipating the myriad, distractions obligations and visions of contemporary life that is simply the life we are living.