Friday, 16 September 2016

Yiwon Park

11 September - 13th October           Story of Story


Yiwon Park. Black Swan Story, 2015. Ink, gouache on paper board.

My work explores the spiritual, myths, culture and hybridity often in relation to my cultural diaspora. Within my work I draw on qualities of the absurd and the ambiguous to investigate various archetypal forms. Through this process my art practice explores qualities located around the spiritual and the nomadic, particularly in relation to questions of cultural dislocation. Framed within a multi-disciplinary practice, I address aspects of our psychic and emotional condition through a poetic sensibility, often with theatrical elements in visceral effect.

Yiwon Park

Yiwon Park. Swan Story, 2015. Gouache, ink on paper.
It was said that the magic of poetry resides in what it is, and not in grappling with the meaning it conveys.  In most part, this can apply to the experience of visual art. 

Yiwon's work has a strong narrative, and it is tempting to assign meaning to these images.  They are derived using familiar archetype symbols that are steep in the human psyche.  These symbols have appeared widely in literature and the visual arts in the Western culture. 

Yiwon Park. In the swamp, 2015. Gouache, ink on paper board.

However, Yiwon's use of archetype symbols is not solely used for the purpose of generating narratives.  It is also used to destroy the narratives these symbols have generated through the ages from which they have attained their meaning and inhabit the cultural psyche.   In effect, these works trace the journey in the making of the new narrative, and hence the title of this installation, Story of  Story.

There is violence running through these images, and it is not only done through dismembered, wounded bodies.  The violence is also in the process generating new narratives through destroying the old.

Still, poetry remains with these works.  Yiwon's choice of the swan as the archetype symbol is mysterious, but also the making of these images have a coherent quality in themselves.    
Yiwon Park. Swan Story, 2015.
This is due in part to Yiwon's mark making. The created images hold us captive in wonder, not giving away its meaning.  

With her mark making, Yiwon balances immediacy and casual deliberation in the rendering of these images, giving them emotional effect that is raw and evocative.

Yiwon Park. Swan Story, 2015.

These drawings are working pieces for the making of a moving image titled, Mythical Truth: Black Swan Story.  Click on the title to see the animation.

Yiwon Park will be holding a solo exhibition in Seoul at Salon Artertain  from 23th September - 11th October.

Anie Nheu
caretaker of Slot