Sunday, 24 September 2017

Tony Twigg

17 September - 14 October      Paint?

Tony Twigg. Two by two (left), Two (right). 2017. Enamel paint on wood.


The application of paint is a question. 
As works are made they accumulate a patina of corrected errors, revised decisions, and compromises of craftsmanship that become a history of process. In theory at least it is a truth of the work.


When a work is “re-made” from a previous work this is even more pronounced. An echo of the past lingers, shattered on the surface of the new. Truth again shimmers as a veil of history tempering a view of the new.


Paint, tracing like a blind man's finger reveals the object washed of its romantisised past. The truth of the fact revealed is an object and nothing more.  Consider the object in paint, balance it with tone, embellish it with color, make it beautiful and finish it with paint.

Two. 2017.

Beauty, is it truth? Could beauty conceal truth? Could there be truth either side of the paint? Would truth be the position between what was and what could be? And if it were, would it be painted? 



-Tony Twigg




Two by two. 2017