Sunday, 13 November 2016

Charles Cooper & Pia Larsen

6 November - 10 December      Flag Wavering


Pia Larsen and Charles Cooper have assembled an exhibition of nine Sydney artists meditating on the national symbol of the U.S.A and what underlies the American Project at the moment of that country’s cyclic rebirth, the Presidential election. 









Pia Larsen. Welcome & Last Drinks.  

Paper, bottles, gouache, digital prints, 

watercolour & ink. Dimensions variable

Below: Charles Cooper. Old Glory. Watercolour 

on paper. 18 x 26cm

Assemblage of Flag Wavering.

Charles Cooper. Old Glory. Watercolour on paper. 18 x 26cm 

Pia Larsen. Welcome & Last Drinks. Paper, bottles, gouache, digital prints, watercolour & ink. Dimensions variable

Margaret Roberts. 50 black stars and half a Strzeminski painting. Tulle + floor tape. 75 x 35cm

















Nicole Ellis 

Faded and Down Home 1 & 2

Cotton on wood

loose cotton pieces. 

241cm x 2.5cm


Left: Frank Littler. Flags of perpetual war 1, 2 & 3. Oil paint on canvas paper. 30 x 42cm & 28 x 36cm.  Right: Lynne Eastaway. Fold. Acrylic paint on Belgian linen. 13 x 18 x 8cm.

Wendy Murray. GIANTS & DODGERS (& I’m not talking sport). Acrylic monoprint (serigraph) from letterpress positive set at Hamilton Ink Spot. 76 x 51cm/ installation variable














Tony Twigg. Stars & Stripes. 

 Enamel paint on timber construction

found objects. 195 x 31 x 12cm



Maryanne Coutts. Black News/White News: Stars & Stripes. Watercolour + gouache on paper. 31 x 31cm.  

Pia Larsen's bottles on the lower right




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